19 | OCTOBER | 2019



II. Cheese Festival of Nations

October 2019 will mark the 2nd occasion of the only festival in Hungary where the audience can, for a one-time entry fee, taste more than 400 cheeses from nearly 25 European countries and the United States.

The 2nd SZEGA Cheese Festival of Nations provides an opportunity for cheese enthusiasts, gastronomy fans, and anyone else who is interested to learn about and taste the most delicious cheeses both from Hungary and abroad, and to refine and shape their own taste.

In addition to cheeses, specialities from the extraordinary wine regions of Hungary – essential for accompanying the delicious cheeses – will also be on display. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere throughout the day, we also offer professional presentations, an interactive playground for kids, and excellent concerts, so that everyone will find something that interests them.


For children

Interactive activities (play corner):

– Cow pasture – Playhouse for babies
Not even the smallest children will be left out of the fun: an exciting playground for children between the ages of 0 and 6
– Barefoot pasture
Walk to the stables together and see the various kinds of plants that cows like to eat
Cow milking
Learn about the cows together, and try your hand at milking a cow – it’ll be exciting!
– Cheese rolling competition
Task: Roll giant cheese rolls on an obstacle course and get them to the goal
Milk bar: logical and skill games
Board games, logical games, mechanical puzzles, cheese labyrinth,
we await school-age children and any adults who are interested in brainteasers
– Face painting, glitter tattoos

» From 10 am: Little Chestnut Club «

From 11 am: The SZEGA mini plant opens

in groups of 10, children can learn about the mysteries of cheese-making and the specific processes involved

2pm: Competition

Children can participate in a competition in which every correct answer will win them tokens
they can redeem them for valuable prizes at the end

– For our cheese-loving visitors –

Cheese-tasting throughout the day
Presentation of the most excellent wines from the Hungarian wine regions
4th Cheese Competition of Nations – Visitors may vote interactively for the cheese they like the most

– Gábor Fűzy bar pianist –

6:30pm: Peet Project band

9 pm Budapest Bár

– For professional visitors –

SZEGA Cheese College
Professional Presentations
4th Cheese Competition of Nations – Choosing the Cheese of Nations

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